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Many E-Gold Online Casinos deceive you. Don’t Trust them. Tips to track them down

You can win in online casinos and make money. Just don’t wait to earn million of dollars. Play with your head and not with your mouse (don’t click,click,click)
If the casino you play is reliable then you must experiment. We are talking about odds here so “invest” some money and test them

Fields of your experiment:

1. Various games
2. Different hours
3. Split your balance and play equal amounts every day. Not all your money in 5 minutes
4. Play with normal bets. Needless to say that with $0.50 or $1.00 you can still play but don’t wait to win anything serious. My average suggested deposit is from $50-$500 (not bet, deposit) per time. My average suggested bet is from $1 – $20
5. In some games there are stats about the numbers (Roulette for example) use them
6. Some casinos give stats about the players. Go to less crowded games or try the crowded games with big bets (over $50 per bet)
7. Always check their rank. If the casino is over 1,000,000 forget it. Choose only websites under the 200,000 rank spot ( in alexa the smaller number the better )

I saw online casinos that most of the tips above work (not all)


1. Don’t expect to spent $5 and learn everything
2. Gamble is fun not a way to live. Online Casinos are Money Rearrangement not Money Machines. Face it Casinos are not a magical place that you will give you money from nowhere. Usually you WIN the MONEY someone else lost. However it’s still Luck, use it with care.

3. If you loose, you lost. Calm down and visit the casino another time
4. Never, EVER, Gamble your Food or Rent or anything it’s necessary for your life
5. Don’t go with a new date to a real casino, or visit an online casino in an internet spot. He/She will probably abandon you

Pokercalculators – A Map To Success – Free Reports And Reviews

Probably you have read or heard about it before – play tight and don’t tilt. It is a very easy rule to understand, but sometimes not that easy to follow. In both cashgames and tournaments there are other players round the table that makes it hard to follow that simple rule. Sometimes it is tough to fold a decent hand in poker, and sometimes it is hard to know when you have to raise with a lousy hand.

There are different strategies to become a successful poker player; most of them are based on popular poker books. A big problem with the strategies is that you need to learn them and calculate in real time. Around an online poker table you don’t have that much time to calculate, you need do instant decision. Most poker players don’t have that ability and therefore they make incorrect decision based on thoughts and guesses. This is an expensive mistake.

Poker calculators are a kind of software that helps you to make those tough decisions. They calculate different poker profiles, when to raise, fold or call. They can tell you in which situation it is correct to go all in. You can read the opponents stats and see how they play in different situations and positions. Other information you can get is instant odds calculation, Expected Value (EV) for your hole cards and number of outs you have.

The question is: is this useful information for me? The answer is obvious – of course it is. Most poker players play for winning money. A poker calculator helps you to become a more frequent ITM-player. The poker calculators are just as important for a poker player as the map is for an orienteer.

There are a few real good poker calculators available right now. The all have there own specialities and skills. The one thing in common is that they all help a decent poker player to increase their possibilities to make a big fortune.

The rank of poker calculators are based on different reviews from internet.

1. Tournament Indicator

2. Holdem Indicator

3. Pokerbility

4. Sit and Go Wix (SnGWiz)

Which poker calculator you choose is up to you. If you are a cashgame player Holdem Indicator and Pokerbility is better. Tournament Indicator and SnGWiz concentrate on Sit and Go´s and other tournaments.

If you are doubtful, you can make a free download and try.